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About elixirHR Solutions

People management is key to the success of any organization, and with the launch of elixirHR, tMI’s homegrown HRMS solution– we aspire to offer you a next generation solution to manage the Human Capital of your organization effectively.

With elixirHR, tMI is poised to be a technology partner to transform your organization’s HR experience through an end-to-end solution that is affordable, customizable, and compatible with different systems.

Backed by decades of HR experience and using the latest cutting edge technology, elixirHR’s bespoke solutions are scalable to be the right fit for you.

Our Speciality

Unique & Flexible Features

Cloud Based System

Access data from anywhere and at anytime moving beyond time zones and geographic location constraints.  Be assured that your data is safe, accessible,  and backed-up in case of an emergency or when in disaster recovery mode.

Data Confidentiality and Security

Stringent security protocols ensure responsible storage, archival, and disposal of your data in a safe and secure manner. Designed with practical and sophisticated security measures,, data-security and confidentiality are a given with elixirHR.

Enhanced User Experience

Keeping in mind the end user, elixirHR has been designed with an adaptable and intuitive UI to simplify HR activities for both your employees and the HR department; thus, maximizing end user experience.

Seamless Integration

elixirHR has been planned and designed for seamless integration to ESS and Payroll, avoiding data duplication and information inconsistency, because a good HRMS should simplify your work, not add to it!

A Scalable System

Whether you are a start-up, a medium sized business or large organization, elixirHR’s cloud based system has been designed to scale and adapt to the vision and growth of your business.

Analytics and Reporting

Generate manpower budget reports for future projections, performance appraisal reports to plan skill upgradation,  and other  valuable reports that will aid the HR department to sharpen and deliver on its business promise.

Carefully Designed & Highly Customizable

elixirHR Modules

Manpower Planning

Plan and monitor your manpower requirements across different levels. Generate reports to analyse staffing efficiency. Stay in line with your manpower budgets.

Manpower requirement with approval workflows

Raise manpower requests and map it to relevant approvers within the organization.

Define resource requirements

Identify and define your resource requirements to devise recruitment strategies.

Variance Analysis - Track Budget vs. actual requirement

View complete variance analysis on-line and track your  man-power budget alignment.

Special approval configuration

Map special approvals in case of man-power requirements that exceed the budget.

Creation of skillsets and qualifications

Define and create a reference master of  job requirements & skills for each position.


Create vendors easily , post requirements and track candidates. Manage interviews and shortlist candidates on the system.  Streamline your recruitment process.

Key skills template definition

Create standard templates for the position with the skills clearly defined for each job.

Candidate Tracking

Manage all candidate related info, track referrals, schedule & re-schedule interviews.

Interview Management and Feedback Capturing

Complete interview management with ability to track the interviewer and their feedback.

Shortlisting candidates

Short-list successful candidates on the system, based on the interview and recorded feedback.

Blacklisting candidates

Option to blacklist candidates so that ineligible candidates will not be reviewed again in the future.

Approval and Offer Management

Generate and dispatch offer letters to selected candidates online.


Document accurate employee information with the user friendly candidate portal.  Go paperless with online HR approvals and appointment order generation. Offer the best on-boarding experience for your candidates.

Due diligence of candidate information

Reference checks, information validation and other due diligence of all candidate information

Record previous CTC with Justification

Previous CTC of the candidate is recorded on the system with justification for the offered salary.

HR Approval

HR Approval – is for justification as per point above and offer

Appointment Order generation & Acceptance

Customizable templates for appointment order and acceptance on the system.

Candidate Portal

User friendly candidate portal for new joiners to submit personal information, reducing errors.

Joining Formalities Checklist

Defined joining formalities checklist highlighting mandatory documents to be submitted.

Input to payroll

Automatic link to payroll – seamless flow of the candidate’s salary information to payroll.

Performance Appraisal

Set employee goals to aid productivity. Customize performance parameters. Record, monitor and manage assessments while ensuring budget adherence. Manage productivity in a stress-free manner.

Customizable review parameters

Customize review parameters according to the requirements of each role and designation

Call out individual KRAs

Define key result areas that map deliverables for each team, role, and level to track performance.

Appraisers configuration & Feedback management

Map appraisers to employees, manage and record feedback on the system.

Increment grid definition & Budget controls

Map performance appraisal to increments based on scores, in line with budget controls.

Approval processes

Access to Performance appraisals & ratings for  appraiser and appraisee for concensus.

Check Variance against budgets

With a financial element in the performance module, stay in line with your allocated budget

Generate increment letters

Customizable templates available to generate the increment letters on the system.

MIS post appraisals and hosting on ESS

Indicator on the total percentage of increase across projects, departments, cost centres, etc.,

Input to training module

Automatic input to training module based on the areas of improvement or skillsets identified

Input to payroll

Automatic input to payroll based on the increment received in the performance appraisal


Comprehensively manage all the L&D activities in your company in one place. Link performance appraisal to training plans.  Track your employees’ development and growth with your organisation, all in one module.

Training category definition

Define categories, subjects & relevant training types, and devise a strong training structure.

Training vendor / faculty master

Map training vendors and faculty according to their SME and the courses conducted by them.

Linked to Performance Appraisal Module

Linked to performance appraisal for identifying training needs based on performance.

Employee training requests

Employees can raise training requests to improve their skills or performance in specific areas.

Training requests by Reporting Managers & HR

Managers and HR can raise training requests for a team or member based on assessment.

Feedback on faculty

Record feedback on the training sessions and their mapped faculty to understand perception,

Flow to career view

A 360 degree view of the employees documenting their growth and skill map

Exit Management

Ensure smooth, efficient and seamless exit process managed entirely online. Analyse the causes of attrition in your organization.

Classification of Resignation Types

Initiate resignation online and select the reason for or type of exit, to be recorded for future use

Reporting Manager feedback

Record the feedback of the reporting manager for documentation purposes.

Customised workflow definition across HR and Finance

Work-flow of exit process customised to suit your already established internal systems.

Finalizing exit

Finalize the exit on system and get exit clearance approval from all  stakeholders .

Admin & Finance clearance

No dues checklist and clearance and full & final settlement managed on the system.

All Your Doubts Cleared


What is elixirHR?

elixirHR, is an end-to-end HR solution that is customizable, and compatible with different systems. It allows you to define your HR processes online and manage the full employee life cycle on time with ease and accuracy.

What are the modules available in elixirHR? Are time & attendance, leave, and payroll also covered?

elixirHR provides HR activities from manpower planning to exit formalities. Other customizable facilities like time & attendance, leave, and payroll, are available in tMI’s Payroll service module and are integrated to elixirHR and the employee self-service portal. Alternatively, elixirHR can also interface with any of your existing time & attendance, leave, or ESS modules with defined data push and pull strategy.

How will elixirHR benefit my organisation?

tMI leadership brings to the table their decades of experience in the HR domain and knowledge of industry best practices to ensure that elixirHR transforms your HR processes like never before. Reduce costs by eliminating paperwork and human error with elixirHR’s input automated validation feature. The ESS interface supports quick query resolution and employee satisfaction. elixirHR also offers the ease of customization and scalability, and will always be the right fit, no matter the size of your organization.

What would be the implementation time for elixirHR?

Our on-time implementation guarantees go-live in just seven to ten working days.

How secure is my data in elixirHR?

Stringent security protocols ensure responsible storage, archival, and disposal of your data in a safe and secure manner. Designed with practical and sophisticated security measures, data-security and confidentiality are a given with elixirHR.

How do I start using elixirHR?

elixirHR can be accessed through any computer with internet access. tMI will create the HR administrator, who will in turn create users and share their login credentials. HR administrator will have the privilege to assign roles accordingly.

How can elixirHR help if our organization is currently using SAP or an alternate HRMS?

elixirHR can be integrated to use the modules that the current SAP or HRMS does not have. For example, if the CTC data is not stored in SAP or HRMS, the employee master can be pulled from your existing HRMS and the compensation structure can be defined in elixirHR to proceed further. Similar logic can be applied to the other modules.

What technology has been used to build elixirHR?

It has been developed on Java.

What size of the company is elixirHR defined for?

There are no size restrictions for using our HRMS. Small, medium, and large companies can derive benefits by using elixirHR.

Is elixirHR scalable?

It is completely scalable in all terms with regards to database, licensed user or features. elixirHR uses Microsoft SQL server, which can house many terabytes of data. Whether you are a start-up, a medium sized business or large organization, elixirHR’s cloud based system has been designed to scale and adapt to the vision and growth of your business.

Is there a restriction on the number of users per license?

There is no such restriction.

What is the cost of subscription to elixirHR?

Very nominal and affordable considering the flexibility and ease it brings to the processes.

What is the nature of support activities that will be provided?


elixirHR’s support team will provide training to the HR department of your organization. As part of our implementation methodology, we have defined standard operating procedures which handholds the user and educates them on the know-how.

Online support:

We also extend 24*7 online support whenever required.

How can I register for a demo?

Please register here or write to us at Our team will schedule a meeting after an initial discussion with you.

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